Sunday, June 26, 2016

11:14 PM
Everybody loves to own a great piece of electronic gadget and when someone says smartphones, only one name and brand comes to the mind and that is the iPhone. Manufactured by the World’s most successful and leading company Apple Inc, the iPhone has become one of the most sold smartphones in the world and still continues to set industry benchmarks for competitors to follow and overcome. Their technology is way ahead of their rivals and one such technological brilliance is hiding in a small tiny hole next to the camera on the backside of the phone. Let’s find out what it is and why that tiny hole is there in the first place.

1 The iPhone- World’s most selling and premier phone

The very first iPhone came out in 2007 and since then, it has been setting industry standards. The iPhones are known for their cutting edge innovations and technology that are miles ahead of its leading competitors. They were the first to introduce the GUI and touch screen on a phone on a mass basis. Then they added the brilliant camera functionality and since then, they have been adding and making the iPhone better than ever. Apple Inc’s dedication towards providing software support to even iPhones that are 2 cycles old and pure customer based experience is what has made them the leading smartphone selling company in the world.

When it comes to audio quality on the iPhone during a call, it is the best in any segment. And you might have noticed on the backside of the iPhone, there is a small hole right next to the camera. Click on the next page to find out why that button is there, and what it does.

2 The teeny tiny hole next to the camera

You might have noticed a small tiny black hole next to the camera on the back of the iPhone. That tiny hole is actually a secondary microphone. But this mic is not for voice recording, but for noise cancellation. When you speak on the phone with someone on a call, there may be background noises like those of cars and bikes, if you are on the road or the sounds of other people talking, etc. This mic is there to filter such noises out of the call, using the advanced audio system on the iPhone 5 and after models, and it gives you crystal clear calling experience. You can watch the video in which Phil Schiller explains how the audio system works in an iPhone 5.

Source : Deveev