Thursday, January 15, 2015

10:45 PM

In a TV show about healthy living on the first channel of the Russian national television, Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist, advice's his patients to relieve stress using a simple technique.

The causes and effects of stress often vary, and people experience it in many different ways. After being stressed, we are left with an uncomfortable feeling, followed by a feeling of heaviness or pain in certain parts of the body.

The first thing you should do is get rid of all destructive emotions. Do not keep them in yourself. Then, remove the physical effects. Psycho-reflexology can help you a lot. The fact is, nature has created certain anti-stress points in the body. You should just massage these points to relieve stress.

Ancient Chinese called this point Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven,” because its treatment brings celestial energy to your body. Shen men is a deep, miraculous point that strengthens the overall health of your body, decreases stress and boosts the energy flow.

This acupressure point also suppresses inflammation and addiction, and its treatment relieves pain in every part of your body. Massage the Shen men point on your ear to relieve stress Shen men or the Gate of heaven is located in the center of the upper third part of your ear.

Dr Sandomirsky advices:

•          Using a cotton bud press this point and gently massage it. Breathe deeply.
•          Then listen to your body carefully.
•          Keep breathing deeply.
•          When you inhale look to the left, and on the exhale look to the right.
•          You will feel how your body calms down.

Extra tips:

•          Massage this point using your fingers.
•          Massage it well every time you are stressed.
•          You can also repeat this technique every night before you go to bed.

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