Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2:25 AM
Sayd Omar Morales Akmad from the Philippines was driving along in his car when a motorcycle slammed right into the back of him. Sayd, a father of twin boys, was not happy when he saw the damage.

But what he finds out next calms him down immediately. The motorcyclist who hit him is a poor fisherman, who was bringing a sack of rice to his hungry family. The accident broke open the bag of rice, spilling it all over the street. Now the fisherman had nothing to feed his family with.

When the police arrive, Sayd does something unexpected. Rather than making the fisherman pay for the damage, he opens his wallet and gives money to the man to help him replace the bag of rice. The man was in tears at Sayd's generosity, but Sayd could only give the credit to his father and grandmother, and the lessons they have taught him.

"You can always replace lost things, but not lost respect or love from others." Share if you agree!
Via : .Hefty.