Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5:26 AM
By Seth M

Problems and challenges are a natural part of life.  And change is one of the only things we can count on staying the same.  When you’re growing, you’re moving, you’re changing.  Each person’s life will hold obstacles and challenges that are different from everyone else’s.

Coming up with a solution to our problems can be done by looking at a few different key areas of development, found in a sacred text called the Sabbāsava Sutta.

Knowledge & Insight

Living in an age of information has its benefits, one of the main ones being that we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips.  Do not be afraid to utilize our tools to succeed and overcome obstacles in your path.  Gather the necessary info you need and work on forming a solution.

Resistance & Replacement

Changes in life will always test us in one way or another.  If you find yourself struggling to stay disciplined, be it with an addiction or maybe a new commitment to exercising and eating healthy, the urge to quit or resume old behaviors can be quite strong.

It will be easier to stay disciplined by replacing a bad ritual with a good one.  Always be looking for healthy habits to replace your old ones with.


Have you ever monitored your consumption of everyday things?  There’s something to be said about ‘everything in moderation,’ because it’s a very wise statement.  Consuming too much or too little of something and we find ourselves stuck behind certain barriers or challenges.

Learning how to recognize your poor consumption habits will help you triumph during times of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical illness.

Patience & Persistence

Instant gratification can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially because the world doesn’t typically work in that fashion.  Especially in America, we promote working hard for the things you want.

So, set big goals that you can work toward, because if everything came to you immediately, you’d have nothing to look forward to.  Be patient and persistent in your pursuits and you will find success.


Dealing with people, places and things who exude negativity is draining.  There will undoubtedly be times in life when you’re forced to decide how to handle this negativity.  There are times when confrontation is the only option, but if you can, do your best to simply avoid these situations.

If a person speaks badly of you, avoid them.  If you’re trying to lose weight, but your friends want to eat junk food, remain vigilant with your goals and values.

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