Monday, March 14, 2016

10:40 PM
Whether it is for chronic patients who take treatment daily or occasionally drink some medicine, many people take only half a pill to halve the dose.

But pharmacists did not recommend this practice, but advise pills would never break.

“Pills are coated with reason, usually to prevent the dissolution and action of the drug in the stomach, and to protect the stomach from the drug aggressive substances. So never recommended to break pills” said a pharmacist for the portal “People medicine.”

By breaking of some drugs change pharmacological formulation, dose not properly shared, and some multi-colored medicine is changing drug action.

Some medications may possibly be broken and usually those that have already marked line, even though the existence of the line is not a sure sign that the pill may not be divided in half.

It is best to break the drugs if it is clearly stated in the instruction, or if patients get such advice from a doctor or pharmacist.