Saturday, March 5, 2016

7:38 AM
We have seen many amazing things dogs do, but I think this takes top spot, It’s awesome and it’s such a joy to see a dog swim with a dolphin

In a sleepy Irish island town there is an unusual friendship brewing between the most unlikeliest of pairs. There is an adorable Yellow Lab named Ben who loves to go out and swim with a dolphin out in the harbor of Tory Island. While it may seem unusual, locals say its an everyday occurrence in this quite Irish town. You see Ben lives in a hotel nearby and everyday he jumps out into the harbor to visit his best friend, Duggie the bottled-nosed dolphin!

It’s absolutely adorable watching these two swim together and when Duggie swims off to chase a fisherman’s boat, watching sweet Ben watch her go is enough to warm the coldest of hearts

Here’s the Video. Enjoy and share with your friends also