Sunday, March 27, 2016

11:38 AM
Do you often sit in your car with the motor running? If you do, you are endangering your health and the health of those with you! When you’re leaving your car outside with the windows closed, about 400-800 mg. of benzene get trapped inside!

One Big Mistake You Do in Your Car That May Kill You!

When you leave your car in the sun, 2000-4000 mg. of benzene is amassed inside, which is about 40 times more than the allowed level. When you sit inside your car with windows closed, you’re breathing in all that benzene, not knowing that this poison damages your organs and puts your overall health at risk!

If you read the car’s manual, you will see that it’s recommended to open the windows when turning the A\C on, although there is no clarification why.

Medical explanation

Before starting to cool the air, the A\C releases all the warmed air inside it along the benzene, a dangerous substance which causes numerous diseases. So, when you’re sitting in your car with the A\C on, even if you don’t notice any odor, open the windows for a few minutes first and then enjoy the cool air from the A\C. Do the same before starting your car as well.

If you want to protect yourself from many diseases and preserve your overall health, you need to make this into a habit!