Friday, April 22, 2016

10:21 AM
Every year, thousands of babies are being rushed in the Hospital due to difficulty of breathing. Babies can choke on food, toys, and many other things. While most of the parents take really good care of their baby’s health, not many parents know when and what they need to do when a baby chokes. Suspect a baby is choking when he/she suddenly has trouble breathing, even if you haven’t seen the baby actually put something in her mouth. Coughing, gagging, and high-pitched, noisy breathing all indicate breathing difficulty. Good thing St. John’s Ambulance created a video to teach you what to do in these circumstances.

In these video, St. John Ambulance provided steps on how to assist a baby choking. Steps and Guidelines are as follows:

Assess the baby’s breathing. If the baby cannot cough forcefully, cannot breathe, makes a high-pitched noise when trying to breathe or starts to turn blue, give back blows and chest thrusts to try to relieve the blockage.

Pick the baby up and turn her over. Support the head and neck throughout the movement.

Secure the baby between your forearms and turn her face down.With the baby’s head lower than the body, use the heel of your hand to give five forceful back blows between the shoulder blades.

Turn the baby face up and bring her close to you. Give chest thrusts to create an artificial cough. Give five chest thrusts, each with the intention of removing the object. Use two fingers positioned just below the nipple line.

Keep giving back blows and chest thrusts until either the airway is cleared or the baby becomes unconscious.

If the baby becomes unconscious, call for medical help.

Watch this video closely too and you will learn a lifelong lesson that could help you save a life!

Source : Womansvibe