Friday, April 8, 2016

9:06 AM
We’ve all probably seen countless prank videos on social media. Some are hilarious indeed while the rest are just downright cruel or fatuous.

Other pranksters conduct social experiments. They often create scenarios to coax their “victims” into showing their true nature; however, those people are usually humiliated in the end.

The video below is unlike those stunts. Although the men behind this practical joke also want to put a smile on our faces and entertain us, they also want to help their targets. This time, the homeless people.

YouTube User, Lance Stewart pulled a prank for Prank it Forward. They searched for homeless individuals in Hollywood Boulevard, and then he and his friend pretended to throw water from a cooler on several men and women. However, instead of drenching their victims, they poured stacks of cash on them.

I can only imagine how those people must’ve felt when they thought the two young men were going to play a nasty trick on them. Little did they know that they were about to receive a blessing that day.