Sunday, April 3, 2016

8:36 AM

If you want to make this simple and easy test, all you need to do is take a plastic bag and a spoon. By using this simple technique you can check whether everything is all right with your gut hormones, respiratory organs, metabolism teeth and kidneys.

First of all, you should take some “dirt” from your tongue but make sure it is from the layers which are close to the throat.

Second of all, put the spoon in a plastic bag and leave it under intense light for about one minute. The intense light from the bulb will do a wonderful job. Choose a stronger bulb so that the results are more visible. The bulb helps the growth of the bacteria.


If you are healthy, the deposits will be clean. However, if you see that there are too many deposits, and that they smell weird and have a strange color – this can be an early indicator of problems with: liver, hormones, intestines, lungs or airways. If this homemade test leads you to these results then you should immediately visit a doctor who will be able to determine where exactly the problem comes from.

This homemade test will also help you find out whether you have bad breath or not. This is extremely beneficial because usually most people don’t even know that they have bad breath. If you can feel a fruity smell, this may mean that you face with metabolic disorder or ketoacidosis which can even lead to diabetes.

However, you should stay calm and don’t be afraid at all. It doesn’t mean that you must suffer from some serious disease in the internal organs if you have bad breath. Usually the reason why you have bad breath is because you probably have bad or decayed teeth. 

Source: Womansvibe