Wednesday, April 6, 2016

9:48 PM
Have you ever felt like you’ve been visited by a deceased loved one during one of your dreams? If so, you may have experienced a “visitation dream” and should consider yourself very lucky.

Though it’s one of the most fascinating and spiritual type of dreams, visitation dreams are shrouded in mystery. Experts are only just beginning to delve into this stunning otherworld. According to an article written by Patrick McNamara Ph.D. for Psychology Today, visitation dreams have several common characteristics. One involves the physical traits of the deceased during the dream (i.e. healthy vs. sick) and the other involves the emotions felt by the dreamer during the visitation (i.e. peaceful vs. fearful). “The deceased appeared as they did in life rather than as they did when they fell ill,” he writes. “In fact the deceased often appeared much younger or more healthy than when they died. The deceased conveyed reassurance to the dreamer. ‘I am OK and still with you’ This message tended to be conveyed telepathically or mentally rather than via spoken word. Visitation dreams are typically clear, vivid, intense and are experienced as real visits when the dreamer awakens.”

Lauri Moore is a professional psychic medium. In her video below, you’ll learn more about visitation dreams and how to tell if you’ve experienced one.

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Source : Little Things