Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10:33 PM
It's said that still waters run deep. This seemingly typical house in a suburb of Toronto, Canada is evidence that this saying could very well be true. A 96-year-old woman calls this innocuous-looking place home. It is with a heavy heart that she has decided to move out due to her age. She has lived in the house for 72 years and has only remodeled it once. But once is enough when it looks like this inside!

Your heart will melt with the first step in the front door. A dreamy mixture of pastel hues and precious gold complement one another. The owner's stunning attention to detail is obvious from the very start.

At the latest, the second room will win you over. Not only does the owner have astounding taste, but she's also managed to perfectly preserve the stylish charm of the 1950's era.

The elderly woman used to work as a seamstress. Looking at her house, you can imagine that she was a devoted and precise tailor.

Each room is a uniquely individual universe with perfectly coordinating colors, furniture, and decorations. Yet the pastel tones bring the house together as a whole.

I would love to start my mornings in such an immaculate breakfast nook! This gem won't last long on the market.

Supposedly her husband gave her free reign to decorate the house, except in the bedroom. He only had this request, "Do what you like in the other rooms, but please no pink in the bedroom." In the end, it was purple. I wonder what her husband thought of that!

I would've kissed my mom's feet for a room like this as a child.

You can even sit in style in the bathroom.

Of course the house wouldn't be complete without a genuine cocktail room downstairs ... where the drinks and the gossip flow. The house would make the perfect movie set - it's 100% authentic.

Don't forget the fully-equipped laundry room. I'm floored by how pristine and tidy this entire house looks.

A comfortable garden to relax your days away in. Like everything else in the home, it is in top condition.

But this time capsule does come with a price. You could be the proud new owner, furniture included, for just $650,000. Hopefully they find a buyer who will fully appreciate the style and all of the antiques this place has to offer. 
Source : Hefty