Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10:45 AM
A lot of people say that when it comes to angels, they are the spiritual means which try to connect with us. When it comes to seeing how angels try to connect with us, it is different from what we encounter in our daily routines. The angels, they try to guide us through direct insight, channeled dreams and messages which have a meaning of their own. 

However, it is important to see these signs and interpret them accordingly. You might not see and notice these signs, but they sure speak a lot and have a lot of importance too. One may even see these signs as meaningless in the beginning, but it is important to realize that they have significant importance and are a way of giving messages to us. 

The signs are sent by the spiritual beings as the symbolic reminder of different messages, which include support and love. Hence, to see what they actually mean, there are some different signs one needs to understand and notice. Take it this way – you asked God for something and His way of giving you the answer was through His messengers – your guardian angels. These are the same angels which stay with you throughout the day. Essentially, their signs are a way of communicating with you. 


If you come across feathers in your way, it is due to your angels. This shows that your guardian angels are guarding you and watching over you. This is, nonetheless, a powerful, strong angelic sign which shows support and love. 

Now you might want to be a little more observant than the usual when it comes to noticing this very sign. If you notice a sign of an angel, this means your guardian is with you. 

Sometimes we smell a beautiful fragrance and the source is unknown. The scent is of your angel, which you are not aware of. 

This is a very common – when a baby looks up at the ceiling and smiles or when they smile while looking up in the air, it means the angels are talking to them. Pets and babies, in the presence of angels, are always at ease. 

Sometimes we may hear a sweet, angelic sound or singing voice out of nowhere. Another clear sign that you are surrounded by angels. 

Out under the sky, one may notice shimmering lights, colors flashing and orbs – the guardian angel is showing you that they are with you. 

You might be feeling alone in this world – just close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to relax. Feel how your angel will start up lighting your soul and will heal you. 

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