Monday, May 29, 2017

1:43 AM
Many users have reasoned out on why the baby is walking, and it is not some miracle. 

Each second, there is something new and fascinating taking place on the internet. The World Wide Web is indeed presenting way too many ‘firsts, unseen occurrences, blow-your-mind-away’ stuffs to watch on a regular basis. In the latest never-seen-before event is a newborn baby taking steps right after being delivered. Yes, the gender of the infant is not determined in this video doing rounds on the social media but it shows, the newborn walking as the medicos holds him. Mind you, the baby has just come out of his or her mother’s womb. The video has garnered 58 million views and more than 1,409,000 shares (at the time of writing). As much as the hoot and wows are given to this viral video, a considerable section on the net seems unhappy with the video content as well as at the hype generated over ‘newborn baby walking video’. 

A Facebook user named Arlete Arantes shared a video captioned as “This is amazing. A baby walks just after being born.” The video shows a baby fresh out the mother’s womb is clung to the nurse’s hand and taking steps. Yes, the newborn is walking. Obviously, it is a rare sight as infants are said to barely able to open their eyes as they are still trying to adjust to the outside environment. But this feisty little twinkletoes is hell bent on walking making the social media go all ‘aww’. But there are many of the viewers who are not happy with the scenario. But why? 

Many users have reasoned out on why the baby is walking, and it is not some miracle. It is called the primitive reflexes or step reflexes present in infants at birth. According to its definition – “The walking or stepping reflex is present at birth, though infants this young cannot support their own weight. When the soles of their feet touch a flat surface, they will attempt to walk by placing one foot in front of the other.” 

On the one hand, there is a section of users undermining the hype the video has generated, there is another section who all together rubbishes the idea of letting a newborn walk. Many Facebook users belonging to the field of medicine have raised concern over allowing the baby take steps as it would affect his legs and nerves. The video is going viral, no doubt about it but is it ethical to risk the health of the baby even if it affects him remotely. Well, some questions are answered with another viral video. This is the law of internet, so wait if there is a follow up on this ‘newborn walking video’. 

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