Wednesday, May 24, 2017

8:55 AM
Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days; even small children use them. It seems like recently you can get a phone for a pretty reasonable price, and you can buy them just about everywhere you go. Even though they have made life a lot easier, there are still many questions that still haven’t been answered on how safe they really are. One of these questions is if they increase the risk of cancer in the neck and head area? 

This worry first was a concern as cell phone have antenna emit radiofrequency energy waves, which forms   non ionizing radiation that they bodies absorb. For many years researchers have been separated on whether or not the radiofrequency energy can give a person a higher chance of developing cancer. There are many factors that come with this like, how long a person is on the phone, where is the phone stored and what type of phone are they using. 

Despite the answer the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been exercising oversight on the levels of radiation that phones are allowed to emit and also the explain that phones in America have been tested for SAR(Specific Absorption Rate). The highest rate that permitted is 1.6 watts for each kilogram of body weight. 

CNET senior editor Donald Bell gave the top five cell phones with the highest levels of radiation, or SAR scores: 1) Motorola Droid Maxx, SAR 1.54. sold by Verizon Wireless, 2) Motorola Droid Ultra, SAR 1.54. Sold by Verizon Wireless 3) Motorola Moto E, SAR 1.5 4) Alcatel One Touch Evolve, SAR 1.49. Sold by T-Mobile 5) Huawei Vitria, SAR 1.49. Sold by metroPCS. 

Motorola Droid Max, is the worst, and also one of the most expensive. The next time you buy a new mobile phone, check first for the SAR before  any that you like. 

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