Monday, March 20, 2017

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HIV is a destructive virus that can turn into AIDS and have serious consequences to your health. There is still no cure for it, however, there are many symptoms that can tell you if you have contracted HIV. They are different and may not be visible years after you have been infected. Usually, HIV runs through the body fluids, like blood, semen, vaginal fluid etc. 

There is a quick and simple test to check if you contracted this virus, and here are some signs that could tell you that you should consider taking it: 

Early HIV Symptoms
1. Sore Throat – It is a very early sign since the body reacts quickly to viruses. Sore throat may also appear in the later stages of this disease when the virus attacks your immune system. Esophagus and ulcers can be a common cause of sore throat. If you get really serious problems with your throat do not hesitate to check with your doctor. 

2. Coughing – Along with the sore throat, you may experience constant and dry cough. It can be an early symptom or it can appear later when the immune system gets impaired by the virus. 

3. Pneumonia – This illness may be the result of the coughing and losing your weight because the virus attacks your immunity. 

4. The Lymph Nodes Might Get Swollen – It is a common early sign since the lymph nodes run through all of your body and any abnormal swelling may signify that you have HIV. Your lymph nodes usually get swollen under your arms, your neck and your groins. Most often this happens when the body tries to fight infections after your immune system gets damaged. 

5. Fever – This symptom appears very early. You may feel like you are catching the flu, however, this fever cannot be treated with the usual medications since it does not react to them. It can reach up to 120F. 

6. Headaches – Along with the fever there are the headaches. You may experience constant headaches which could turn into unbearable migraines. 

7. Joint and Muscle Pain – It is not unusual you start feeling pain in your joints and muscles after you catch the virus. It can be due to rheumatic illness or because your lymph nodes would swell. You will feel inflammation in your muscles and your joints which can cause fibromyalgia, vasculitis, and arthritis. 

8. Weight Loss – As the disease progresses you will get some symptoms of the flu like get nauseous, start to vomit and get diarrhea. All these can make you lose weight and in the advanced stages of the disease you may develop a condition called “AIDS wasting”. 

9. Yeast Infection – It has been established already that the virus attacks your immune system and that leads to exposing your organism to numerous infections and bacteria. You may get vaginal infections or your intestines might get infected. Infections in the mouth and Candida are very common. 

10. Fatigue – You may feel extremely tired and resting does not seem to help if you have the virus. It is commonly associated with the flu symptoms you would feel in the early stages. It occurs as an early symptom and once it passes it does not appear until AIDS develops. 

11. Rashes – You will definitely get rashes on your skin which can turn into blisters. The rash may appear on any part of your skin and they look red, inflamed, peeled and they are itching. 

12. Sweating During the Night – Even though a person with HIV may go to sleep at night feeling good, the temperature of the body may constantly switch from very cold to very hot in a short amount of time. The body responds to this by sweating in order to regulate its temperature. You may wake up soaking wet and in need to change your clothes. 

13. Cold Sores – These are a result of the Herpes Simplex Virus. They can appear on the mouth, on the genitals and the rectum. Herpes may appear suddenly and constantly to people with HIV. 

14. Getting Confused – You may lose the sense of orientation and get confused about things around you. You may even lose your motor skills. You will also not be able to concentrate. That can cause dementia in the advanced stages. The illness can make you feel anger and change your behavior. 

15. Nail Changes – If you had contracted HIV, your nails will get thicker and will curve. You will also notice that they will start splitting, and losing their natural color. You will notice black or brown lines either vertically or horizontally. 

16. Tingling and Weakness – You will feel your hands and feet numb and tingling. That means that your nerves are damaged by the virus. 

17. Irregular Periods – You will get fewer periods and you will lose less blood. That may be because of the weight loss which comes with the illness. 

18. None – The worst case scenario is if you do not have any of the usual symptoms which is very possible to happen. This can make the person with the virus unintentionally spread the disease. 

You should always pay attention to the signs of your body to see if something is wrong with you. The HIV may be spread sharing needles, bodily fluids and sexual intercourse. Try not to get in direct contact with blood on broken and wounded skin. Also, it is very important to use protection during sexual intercourse in order to avoid contracting HIV. If you feel any of the symptoms immediately do an HIV test. 

[Source: Womens Healthency]