Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10:18 PM
rivers world wide battle this problem every frosty morning: the windscreen in completely frozen. That means, scratch it like there's no tomorrow, before even thinking about driving. Now there is an end to all that. With this trick you'll instantly have a clear windscreen. It works, guaranteed!

What you need:

  1. 1 Spray bottle (ca. 1 Litre)
  2. 600 ml cleaning Alcohol (a recommendation)
  3. 200 ml Water
  4. a few drops of dishwashing liquid

And here's how:

You simply need to mix the three components in an appropriately sized spray bottle. Then, on the mornings when the windscreen is thickly frozen over, simply fire away! Generously spray everything and allow it to work. The rest comes down to the power of physics!

Through the effects of the diluted alcohol the ice will melt away and the windscreen wipers can easily wipe it away. Additionally the dish washing liquid cleans away any grime and keeps the windscreen wiper rubber sleek. So then: safe travels!

Here is a video as proof of how quickly and easily it works:

This is the perfect solution if you need to leave quickly and forgot to put a cover or newpaper on the windscreen the night before. Just spray it on, let it work - done!

Share this brilliant trick with all of your friends. There still a while before the end of winter and this stress in the morning is something that nobody needs.
Source : Hefty