Monday, January 4, 2016

11:16 AM
SEATTLE/DENVER – Marijuana has caused a lot of controversy the past few weeks after it has been legalized in Colorado and Washington. There have been 59 reported deaths in both states due to marijuana overdoses. FBI agent Ronald McGuire says “I know mary jane is some good sh*t but you have to learn to control it”. It is not yet known how much marijuana the individuals consumed.


Reporters are telling us that most of the individuals who died were cremated and had so much marijuana in there system that funeral home workers and crematorium workers were all “Blazed as f*ck” while the cremations were happening and even reported to be high even after 5 days. Reporters are also saying that the families of the deceased also smoked their ashes and got “extremely high” and the ashes are now being classified as a type of marijuana called “Super OG death grip k*sh” and can only be found in the ashes of people who died on marijuana overdoses.

The names of the 59 victims, ranging from 14-58 years of age, have not been revealed and will most likely not be revealed. Colorado and Washington are also considering making marijuana illegal now because of the deaths.
Source : huzlers.