It is always heartbreaking when animal abuse is revealed, making us wonder how human beings can be so lacking in compassion to enslave animals in horrible conditions. To torture any living thing is just incomprehensible.

The flip side of hearing about such abuse, is that the story usually has a happy ending; such is the case in the video you are about to watch below. Bandit is a bull that has lived his entire life chained up in a narrow stable, along with 500 other cows, bulls and calves.

Thanks to the efforts of the Gut Aiberbichl farm animal sanctuary in Austria, Bandit and his other stable mates have been rescued from these harsh conditions. The footage you are about to watch shows Bandit’s exhilaration at his first moments of freedom. He prances and dances feeling the great feeling of the fresh hay beneath his feet.

After being transported to the sanctuary, we see him romping with such happiness. There is a moment when he sidles up to the man who saved him, which brought a tear to my eye; his gratitude for the man’s affectionate stroking and for his newfound freedom is palpable as he nuzzles up to his savior.

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  1. You just want to save them ALL .... People who do things like that to animals should be put in small cells & solitary confinement for the rest of their lives. That beautiful bull just wanted to give love to the man who saved him ... Animals have feelings too ... but it seems to me that they have a great deal more love than many humans ... If humans had as much love as animals do, we wouldn't have any wars or hatred in this world ... I wonder what reason any farmer could have to want to keep an animal living/surviving under such conditions. I'm just glad that I don't eat meat ..