Wednesday, January 13, 2016

8:33 PM

The liver is the largest solid organ in the human body and it is responsible for doing many different jobs. Some of the primary functions of the liver include:
  • ·        Cleaning the blood
  • ·        It creates bile, which is vital to digestion
  • ·        It stores glycogen, a form of sugar that produces energy

Being that your liver is so important, if problems develop with it, your health could be in serious jeopardy – and there are many ways that the liver can become damaged; but, many people don’t realize that there is a problem with their liver – until it’s too late. As a result, your health and your overall wellbeing can be greatly impacted.

Paying attention to your liver and recognizing the warning signs that can indicate a problem is developing is crucial. Not sure what the signs of liver damage are? Here’s a look at several telltale signs that you should never, ever ignore.

Your Skin is Yellowed

One of the first telltale signs of liver damage is discoloration of the skin. Because a damaged liver is unable to properly filter out toxins that you consume, you could buildup a Bilirubin, which could cause your skin to turn yellow.

Bilirubin is a form of bile pigment. Bile is produced by your liver and it aids in digestion. When your liver is damaged, it can’t remove the Bilirubin, and as a result, it collects in your blood. When Bilirubin flows through the blood, the skin starts to turn yellow. You can first notice this yellowing in your fingernails and on the tips of your fingers and toes, as well as your eyes.
Changes in Stools and Urine

It may not be something you do on a regular basis, but you should examine your urine and your stool. If either is discolored or changes in the consistency, you could be suffering from liver failure. If the urine is dark in color and frothy, or your stool is pale and thin, get to a doctor as soon as possible.

You’re Bloated

If you notice that your stomach is suddenly bloating, you could have a problem with your liver. When the liver is damaged, it retains fluid, and as a result, that fluid makes your stomach appear bloated.

You Feel Pain

If you start to notice cramping in your abdomen or a sharp, shooting pain, you could be suffering from problems with your liver. When the liver isn’t functioning the way that it should, it can cause pain in your abdomen. If you feel that pain in the left side of your abdomen, don’t write it off; go to the doctor.

Acid Reflux and Vomiting

If you notice an increased amount of acid reflux, you could be experiencing liver trouble. A damaged liver can push digestive juices up into your esophagus, which causes acid reflux and indigestion. Over time, excessive indigestion could lead to vomiting.

If you are noticing any of these signs, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to have your liver assessed.