Monday, August 3, 2015

1:29 AM
Kate Murray from Florida is a photographer with heart and soul. Her pictures have gifted wonderful memories to hundreds of people. But this is a special photo that has burned itself into Kate’s memory forever. It is the picture of a woman whom she had asked to photograph while she gave birth to her first child. The tragic: halfway through the pregnancy, the woman receives a shocking diagnosis: breast cancer, stage 3. One of her breasts is removed and she is subjected to chemotherapy - all while she carries an unborn child inside her womb.

After 36 weeks, the doctors induce birth so they can treat her cancer - so that she survives for her child. As the newborn attaches himself to Kate’s single remaining breast, emotions run deep through the room.

The photographer Kate Murray is present first hand to capture this singular moment: “That is the definition of strength, love, and pure beauty,” she writes on her Facebook page. “This boy has already proven by his birth that he inherited his mother’s strength. This photo breaks my heart and makes it swell at the same time.”

A birth is a miracle in itself, one is connected with an unbelievable amount of emotions and feelings. One can only imagine to some extent what takes place inside the cancer sufferer as she is finally able, after months of torture, to hold her child in her arms. What a miracle!

This mother and son have proven an unbelievable amount of strength and vitality while fighting their hardest against cancer. If these wonderful and singular pictures also touched you deep in your heart, then share this wonderful story!

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