Monday, August 24, 2015

12:35 AM
The scientists have acknowledged 6 different obesity types that are based on factors which are causing them, and solution to every single one of them. So, here is the list of the 6 obesity types and how to solve them.

1) Food Obesity

The food obesity type is gotten from an excessive food and water intake. It’s manifesting with upper body fat and protruding stomach. The simple solution of this is to reduce the food amount and the sugar intake. Also, you should try to exercise for about 30 minutes each day.

2) “Nervous Stomach” Obesity

The central culprits for this sort of obesity are stress and anxiety. Even the excessive intake of sweets and depression could give you this sort of obesity.

The solution to this obesity type is controlling the physical activities to reduce the stress and to manage the anxiety.

3) Gluten Obesity

This sort of obesity is very common amongst the women, mostly during the adolescence period and menopause, or whenever they are experiencing some hormonal imbalance. The best way to manage this is avoiding sitting on a same spot for long time, exercising regularly with weight, and avoiding smoking and intake of alcohol.

4) Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

This type is characterizing with very big stomach, which is looking like big balloon. It could seem that your body fat is accumulated in your stomach. This could also cause troubles with breathing for the people who are consuming alcohol.

5) Venous Obesity

This is referring to the obesity that is occurring as result of a venous circulation and is usually inherited. The venous obesity is very common during the pregnancy and among people who are having swollen legs. The best solution to this unpleasant situation is exercising, for instance, running or climbing stairs.

6) Obesity as result of inactivity

This is a sort of obesity that is affecting some body parts that were very active. It’s common amongst people that used to do more rigorous exercises, but aren’t slacking. If you are having this obesity type, going long periods without having food will aid your body to burn fat by speeding up the metabolism.