Wednesday, August 5, 2015

9:57 AM
Food coma is something we experience now and again, but if this happens a lot, then some things need to be changed. It is normal for all of us to feel bloated, sluggish and sleepy after each meal, but what if you eat haealthy food  and do not overeat yourself, and still feel sluggish and bloated, This is all caused by our eating habits, thus these are the top 3 habits you should avoid at your next meal:

– Drinking ice cold water during the meal –

you better opt for room temperature water as ice-cold water constricts blood vessels hindering the body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. It also solidifies fats making them difficult to digest. Moreover your body energy will be diverted from trying to digest food to trying to regulate your body temperature. The best solution is to drink warm water with some lemon, or green tea before starting your meal and sip slowly for optimal digestion.

– Eating lots of starch and protein together –

 the glorious combinations like steak and potatoes, burger and fries, eggs benedict make us pass out on the couch after eating them as this food combination causes indigestion and acid reflux due to the protein having slower rate of digestion, while starches digest faster than simple sugars. Because starches are all mashed up with the protein in the stomach, they have to wait for hours until all the proteins finish their digestion. This cuases starches to ferment and release gasses making us belch very often. The best solution is to eat your starch first, then eat the proteins. You can eat starch with vegetables as the combination works well.

Drinking a lot of water while eating –

drowning your meals with multiple glasses of water gives indigestion making you feel bloated. So, when the food enters the stomach, the substance named hydrochloric acid is secreted from the stomach which helps in food processing because it breaks bigger chunks in smaller pieces, so if you drink water, you’ll dilute the acid and dempen its efforts. The best solution is to drink a lot of water 1 hour before or after your meals. You can sip water during the meal.

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