Sunday, August 16, 2015

3:13 AM
Have you ever noticed someone looking ravishing with make -up style but the same look failed on you? This may be due to a different face shape. Faces have different shapes and require different styles.

 Here is what will suit your face shape:

1. Round

Round faces are usually as wide as they are long. Often people try to make their face look longer, but round faces are considered to be more youthful and feminine. The trick for round faces is contouring.

You need 2 different but similar shades of foundation, apply the lighter shade to your forehead and front area of chin and cheeks, use the darker shade by applying it to your cheeks and sides of your face and jawline. Once you are done blend it all towards your hairline and down your neck.

By using a darker shade on your neck you can minimize the appearance of double chin.

2. Oval

In oval faces the forehead appears wider than the lower face and the face is 3/4 wide as it is long. Women with other face shapes often try contouring to achieve this look. You don’t need much contouring as your face is already contoured.

You need a bronzer, apply it in a shape of a 3, from forehead to cheekbones and to chin to accentuate your features. People with this face shape can easily pu ll off the latest trends.

Arched eyebrows can make you look more oval so avoid that. Opt for natural brow shape and tweeze the rest away.

Accentuate your lips or on eyes and leave the other simple and more natural.

3. Heart

For the prominent cheekbones of this shape you can wear brighter blush and lipstick with neutral eye colors to accentuate them.

Contour temples and cheeks to minimize the width of your upper face. Try highlighting your forehead, the area under the eyes, and your chin to draw attention to the center of your face.

Heart-shaped faces look great with red shades of lipstick and light blush, also try black or dark brown eye liner on your eyes.

4. Diamond

People with diamond shaped faces should use makeup to brighten the center of their face , you can use liquid foundation or highlighting powder. Apply it as you would for a heart shape, from forehead to the bridge of your nose, to the center of your chin. Use slightly darker foundation and contour the front of your forehead, tip of the chin, and jawline for a more proportionate look.

5. Square

Square shaped faces have strong features and it’s tricky to use makeup. Focus on lightening your features. Contour your jawbone blending towards the ear to reduce the sharpness of the jaw line. Use blush in a circular motion on your cheeks, moving the brush towards temples to create a symmetrical shape.

Use darker shades of foundation, powder, blush, or bronzer on your jawline, temples, and sides of your forehead.