Thursday, August 6, 2015

1:24 PM

This stray dog wandered through the streets looking for food and looking for shelter, but her body spoke to the misery of life as a homeless dog. Her body was riddled with parasites eating away at her skin and she was starving to death. But someone decided to not look away. And from that moment on, her amazing transformation was about to begin.

This homeless dog was found on the side of a road.

She was malnourished, her body was riddled with sores and her fur had practically all fallen out because of mange.

She was just raw skin and bones and obviously starving.

Despite her terrible condition, she was alert and friendly. Her rescuers named her Kelsey.

She was taken to the veterinarians and her road back to health began. It’s as if she knew she was going to be taken care of from now on.

She looks amazingly gentle and sweet.

A short while later she began to perk up and smile.

She got to socialize and meet other dogs.

Before long, she was gaining weight and her fur grew back in.

She’s no longer sleeping outside on the streets, scrounging for scraps and slowly dying. This wonderful pup has become a healthy, happy dog.

Can you believe this is the same dog as before? Kelsey is a shining example of the powers of love and rescue to change an animal’s life!

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