Friday, October 7, 2016

8:52 AM

The herb known as White Mulberry has been brought to the USA in colonial times in an attempt to establish a silk industry. However, the plant has numerous health benefits as well, and can treat a wide range of diseases.


The White Mulberry tree is used for timber, and its flexibility and durability make it ideal for hockey sticks, boats, furniture and tennis rackets. The fruit is used to feed silkworms, while the berries of the plant are an amazing natural remedy against diabetes, heart disease and tumors. According to newest studies, they can also treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cold and the flu, ringing in the ears, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and constipation.


How does it work?
The compounds of the plant are similar to diabetes drugs and can slow down the breakdown of sugars in the gut. This allows them to be slowly absorbed into the body, which keeps the blood sugar levels steady. The herb contains organic acids, vitamin C, carotene, fiber and resin, an inverted sugar that can treat tonsillitis, cough, fever, inflammation, headaches and diarrhea. Furthermore, White Mulberry is rich in antioxidants which can lower your blood cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.
A recent study conducted at The University of Texas found that the plant contains resveratrol, a rare natural phenol that can fight different types of cancers. However, it’s the ability of the berries that lowers blood sugar levels that is most attractive.
When the body processes too much sugar, inflammation, diabetes and obesity can occur, but luckily, White Mulberry can help you reduce your blood sugar levels and prevent the conditions. Consuming the berries helps your body process sugar better, which prevents blood sugar spikes and keeps your system safe.
Consume the berries every day to protect yourself from dangerous diseases and conditions.