Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10:48 PM

Statistical data issued by the American Thyroid Association reveal that over 12% American adults will develop some sort of thyroid disorder during their lifetime. Thyroid dysfunction is a serious condition that affects overall health and quality of life including disrupted sleep, mood, metabolism and memory.
Fortunately, it can be effectively managed with careful planning and lifestyle changes.
Read on and see which 5 habits are detrimental for your thyroid health.

–Too Much Stress
One study, published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research, reports that stress and a thyroid condition can combine to produce symptoms like long-term memory impairment.
According to, this is because of the way stress suppresses the thyroid and its hormone secretion – which are already under attack in patients with a form of thyroid disease.
That, in a nutshell, is why you absolutely need to take care of stress when you suffer from such a condition. Have a look at this post for a few stress-relief ideas.

According to a 1995 study, smoking increases the severity of thyroid problems mostly as a result of cyanide in tobacco smoke. The thing is cyanide is chemical that disrupts proper thyroid function by inhibiting the gland to synthesize hormones that bond to their receptors. This can particularly affect liver health.
As stopping this habit is far from easy, you can try some natural alternatives, such as stevia leaves, to reduce your cravings.

-Soy Consumption
Everybody should stop eating soy – especially people with a thyroid condition. As Dr. Mercola reports, soy contains a whole host of components that negatively affect the butterfly-shaped gland. This includes goitrogens, which prevent the thyroid from synthesizing hormones and metabolizing iodine.

-Over-Consumption Of Raw Cruciferous Vegetables
A study conducted by Oregon State University found that over-consumption of some vegetables such as cabbage and turnips disrupts thyroid function in people affected with an iodine deficiency. The thing is these vegetables contain glucosinolates, which, once ingested, are converted to goitrin – a compound that affects thyroid hormone secretion.

-Not Following Doctor’s Advice
I get it – life is busy and seeing a healthcare professional isn’t always pleasant. But if you’ve got a form of thyroid disease, you need to remember that your condition can cause serious damage if not treated properly.
Seek the help of a registered naturopath or dietician who will be able to look at your condition on a personal basis and provide recommendations.
Watch the video below for more information on how to effectively manage your thyroid dysfunction.