Sunday, October 23, 2016

10:41 PM

The eyes are a window to our soul, no doubt about it. But they can also warn you about certain health conditions which you might not notice. Check to see if you’re experiencing some of the following symptoms and see what they might mean.

1.      Redness and bloody eyes

If you have bloody and red eyes this is a reason to be concern. The real concern would be if you have any pain or discomfort. But it might mean Sun exposure, dust, colds, allergies and dry air can cause your eye blood vessels to rupture which is quite normal.
If you are coughing you can cause blood vessels to rupture and some red spots to appear. The symptoms should be gone in one or two weeks but if they are still red consult your doctor.

2.     Fatigue

If you are feeling tired after few pages of the book, or if you have dark circles under the eyes, blunt look and swollen eyes it might be a fatigue or poor circulation.
How to fix it:

Proper amount of rest and improve your nutrition and also the eye health will improve. Vitamin A is the key nutrient you need to keep your eyes in top health.

3.     Yellowish eyes

If you have problem with liver your eyes can tell when the failure is happening. Yellow eyes are usually symptoms for liver failure.
Also yellow eyes can be a sing for high cholesterol levels.
Check your eyes if you have some yellow spots.
See your doctor and make a heart condition checkup and level of cholesterol.

4.     Bulging eyes

If almost everyone in your family has it and it last for generations that means that you have overactive thyroid gland. That makes your eyes to swell.
If by any chance you have experienced rapid weight loss you must check up your thyroid.