Saturday, October 15, 2016

10:05 PM

Craig Mosher is a nice guy, and you’re about to find out why in the most unusual way. Brace for a smile. So this guy has this cool dog, Loois, a pit bull that seems to bring so much sunshine into his life. But you need to something else.
Sometime back, Loois underwent a surgery and things went south. The nice dog became paraplegic, but Craig isn’t the kind of guy to give up a pet that he loves so much. He decided to get creative!
As he describes his love for the animal and the times they spend together, you can help but notice that he has no regret whatsoever for adopting Loois. In fact, it seems like the pet gives him some kind of inner strength. All other solution for such a situation would cost him over $200, the smart guy has come up with a way to use just $35. That’s really nice!
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Source : Nice Dogs Tv