Wednesday, August 24, 2016

10:43 PM
Have you ever noticed white spots on your nails? If you have, you should know that this problem must not be ignored and that it requires medical attention. The lines are called leukonchia and occur due to small injuries at the base of the nail. When an injury occurs, small air bubbles in the nail form, but the lines can also be caused by warts, fungi, psoriasis, eczema or can indicate sarcoidosis.

Another nail condition called plummer’s nail causes white spots on the nails with horizontal lines, and can be a sign of malaria, leprosy, Hodgkin’s disease or cardiac arrest. A condition called hypoalbuminemia causes 2 stripes on the nails and is caused by low albumin levels in the body.

All the changes on your nails require medical assistance, which is why you should visit a doctor right away after noticing them. 

Source : Healthylifeidea