Monday, August 22, 2016

10:26 PM
Four-year-old Abby's beaming smile hides a frightening reality: she has acute lymphatic leukemia, a form of cancer that mostly affects children. She is a patient at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers, a specialized clinic in New York. Even though she is fighting for her life, the little one remains optimistic, while a dangerous illness takes its toll on her health.

But there is a ray of sunshine in the darkness: Abby has befriended her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling. She visits him everyday to get her shots. She likes Matt so much that she’d like to marry him.

Abby told her mother about her marriage plans and explained that at her next visit, she planned to put a ring on his finger. When Matt learned of the little one’s plans, he was immediately struck with a brilliant idea. He knew how much it would lift her spirits, so he began crafting a plan for a “wedding” for Abby.

With a little help from his colleagues, Matt managed to plan a surprise wedding for the very next day.

Abby received a wonderful dress and Matt donned a tuxedo t-shirt.

As Abby entered the hospital room, she was greeted with flower petals and singing guests. On this day, she completely forgot her illness for just a moment. “Do you take me to be your husband?,” asked Matt. “Yes!” yelled the little bride and hugged her nurse. Here you can watch the moving moment on video:

The two exchanged candy rings and, as per custom, fed each other wedding cake.

Matt wrote about his “wedding day”: “Hopefully this is a day that Abby and her family will always remember and smile about when the times are tough! I know that I will!”

And Matt even gave his favorite little patient a decorated coach so she could ride away from the wedding in true Cinderella style!

Honestly, this nurse is one of the best nurses on the planet. He really did everything to help Abby get back on her feet again. Optimism is so very important for these brave little patients, as often they don't have a full understanding of the situation.

This story was first published on Hefty in December 2015, but we're happy to bring you an update on Abby's progress from her mom: "She's doing wonderful! Still on track for finishing treatment in October and she gets to start kindergarten in the fall." Best wishes in kindergarten, Abby! She's sure to be the only kindergartener with a wedding album to share at "show and tell!"
Source : Distractify