Thursday, August 4, 2016

8:55 AM
So it’s been 10 years since Jeffrey Mayi has seen his mom, and he has no idea what is about to happen. First his brother flies in to visit him in Massachusetts. Jeffrey is ecstatic to see his bro, but still has no idea that there is someone else right around the corner waiting.

Here’s what Jeffrey’s wife had to say about the surprise:

“Jeffrey’s brother surprised him today by flying in from Florida to meet Christian and I. Jeff’s mom came all the way from Libreville, Gabon. Jeff hasn’t seen his mom in 10 years his reaction is priceless. I love my man and his huge heart. Love my new family too.”

This video is so powerful that it’s been shared 10,000 times and counting! He really get’s emotional and you get to share in his excitement.

Even after ten years and having been separated by continents, the mother-son bond is still as strong as ever! Share this wonderful experience with friends and family!

Source : Damn