Monday, May 16, 2016

12:25 AM

When you first start driving as a teenager, you’re often warned about the many dangers you may encounter on the road. But what adults can’t emphasize enough is that the greatest danger to yourself is you: too many people are tempted to drive after drinking, even if they know that they are incapacitated. The poor choice of drinking and driving can be disastrous and deadly for you and others.

While advertisements for alcoholic beverages make consuming them appealing to young people, these companies are working to combat this sad epidemic while maintaining their allure. Beer company Budweiser has been particularly successful in captivating their audience with their anti-drinking-and-driving PS’s with one key element: adorable animals!

Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale horse appeared in a commercialwith a golden retriever puppy, and though it made for a very unlikely pairing, we couldn’t get enough of them! But it’s this commercial featuring a puppy growing up with his human that really tugs at our heartstrings. This will undoubtedly leave you in tears, and hugging your pet.

Now watch to see what happens when this pup’s human goes out with some friends, and doesn’t come home one night…

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Source : Little Things