Thursday, September 29, 2016

9:55 PM
*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

A black moon occurs when there are two new moons within the same month.

It is a rare celestial event that only happens approximately once ever 32 months.
There is a New Moon at the start of each new lunar cycle and the time between one New Moon and another is approximately 29.53 days. This period is known as a synodic month. The term “synodic” is derived from the Greek word sunodikos, which translates to ‘meeting the sun,’ as the sun and the moon ‘meet’ at a New Moon.
On September 30th 2016 the New Moon will peak in Libra for those on the Western Hemisphere, and for the Eastern Hemisphere the new moon will occur in the early hours of October 1st.
The Black New Moon brings with it a mysterious dark impression due to it being in the shade, however, it is a highly positive influence that will draw out our intuitive, perceptive qualities as well as encouraging us to bravely embrace our weaknesses and unlock our strengths.
September has been a month of releasing and letting go and this New Moon’s energy is going to be giving us that final push in the right direction so that we have the courage, confidence and willpower to sever ties with anything that has been causing us difficulties or to struggle with unnecessary and prolonged emotional pain.
October is the beginning of a brand new, dynamic, energetic cycle and one that will steer us away from the negativity that has been cluttering up our lives and redirect us onto a clear, open and intriguingly fruitful pathway.
If we set our mindset so that we are grounded and rooted in the present moment, we will feel the gentle push of the New Moon’s strong universal energy as it guides us on our way. This energy will feel as though the wind is subtly blowing through us encouraging us to keep moving forward and to uncurl our fingers from any toxicity, so that we no longer attempt to frantically cling to anything that has burned and scarred us in the past.
The Black New Moon is connected to many Goddesses, and it is particularly linked to the hypnotic and magnificent Goddess Lilith. Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled.
Although Lilith has often been depicted as a demon with dark traits, this is not a true representation and she was only turned away from paradise, according to Hebrew legends, as she stood firm in her belief in equality, refusing to be submissive and offer her body as a sexual gift to Adam solely for his pleasure. To replace Lilith, Adam was given Eve who was willing to obey him and, unlike Lilith, she was subservient and played the role of a dutiful wife.
Lilith is a fine inspirational example of a female that seeks to be treated fairly and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in—even if it means she is cast out, ostracized and isolated. Her mission is to promote equality, fairness, courage and most of all liberation from patriarchy at any cost, both to align with her own morals and sanity as well as for the evolution of all living beings.
As Lilith was cast from the Garden of Eden, her presence makes us aware of the wounds we have previously received due to rejection, abandonment or neglect of any form, so that we understand that when someone turns us away it is not a reflection of who we are as a person. Often this happens because the person who turns us away feels emotionally uncomfortable in some way, or we have challenged them to open up and accept that not everyone is going to conform to whatever their expectations may desire.
Lilith was punished and rejected simply for being her true authentic self and her influence over these matters entices us to let go of the worries we have about what other people think about us and it also encourages us not to take cruel and needless criticisms straight to the heart. Being ourselves is never something we should feel ashamed of; we are unique beings, and we should not be made to feel unworthy just because others do not see our light, rarity and value.
This New Moon phase will show us that if we have been judged harshly or if we don’t slot neatly into the folds of society’s expectations, then it is okay to carve out our own route, in our own way—and to know that as long as our morals and intentions are mindful, balanced and heart-centered we can rise like a phoenix and leave behind the ashes of resentment, frustration or anger that we may have once felt.
The significance of this New Moon and Lilith’s association with it is that she is fiercely independent, decisive, determined and she does not suffer fools. Lilith’s energy is here to support us as we gracefully say goodbye to anyone or anything that wasn’t meant for us and we also release the pain and tension that has built up through attempting to hold on for far too long.
Unfortunately, we can form unhealthy habits when we pine and obsess over what we can’t have or when we wish things were different to how they actually are. This can mean we prolong our grief, anguish and suffering due to projecting our desires on to people or trying to grasp tightly to what has already passed us by.
When we purge ourselves of the agonising, deep-rooted emotions that are buried within us we will feel ourselves embark on a transformational healing journey. We will immediately start to feel lighter, freer, at one with ourselves and with a profound sense of inner peace.
On the Black New Moon Lilith illuminates our shadow side including our incessant yearnings, desires and temptations—as well as the intense, raw, unpleasant emotions that have been simmering away in our unconscious mind. The insights we will be receiving are a blessing and all of these things swirling in the undercurrent are being unearthed so that we can acknowledge, process and understand our emotions fully before we cleanse and lovingly release them from our psyche.
The main impact that Lilith will have on us during these next few days is within our relationships as she harmonizes and helps us to bring them into balance, assisting us with sieving out any that have consistently been pulling as under. This gives us the space to create, or to focus our undivided attention on, nourishing intimate soul-to-soul harmonious connections that bring with them the highest levels of bonding, trust, closeness and togetherness, as they are immersed in unconditional love while being entirely devoid of illusions and codependence.
We will notice an internal shift happening as we are no longer willing to try our hardest to please and pander to those who do not treat us respectfully or with kindness, and we will place our self-worth in a sacred place of importance where it deserves to permanently sit.
Lilith is often pictured with an apple in her hand as in the Garden of Eden she turned herself into a serpent to tempt Eve into eating the apple, as it was the fruit of all knowledge. Lilith’s intention was one of sisterhood, not of vengeance, as she hoped that by eating the fruit Eve would gain the ability to see Adam with clarity and become wiser, more aware and empowered in her femininity so that she would not compromise herself solely to please him.
During this New Moon period Lilith will be offering us the essence of the same fascinating energy of this forbidden fruit so that, like her, we also have the insight, knowledge and courage required to see our situations clearly and break free from any harmful, outdated cultural demands and unfair projections.
We are being called to take the lead in our lives and to own our beauty, sexuality and sensuality without feeling as though it is something we have been gifted purely to pleasure and satisfy the needs of the opposite sex. This applies to both males and females. This is our time to accept our selves in our full glory and to bite and taste the delicious fruit of life without feeling guilt, fear or remorse.
We will start to notice a new wave of confidence and inner strength that will empower us to step into our wholeness and live our lives to the full while understanding that every experience we have holds significant importance and that it is absolutely okay to make a variety of mistakes as we wander—as we will always learn vital soul expanding lessons through them.
Although we aren’t likely to see this Black New Moon in the sky on Friday, it will still be elegantly gracing us with its presence, so if we head out into the night we will be rewarded with a rare opportunity to absorb an abundant flow of radiant, powerful waves of immensely positive, transformational energy.
On Friday 30th the sky will be darker than normal making it the perfect time for stargazing as the stars will appear far brighter on this night due to the absence of the moon’s glow.