Tuesday, September 20, 2016

11:26 PM

New Delhi has started selling milk from cow urine India, the rate of Rs 80 per liter of urine. Modi government has spent five billion and eight billion on the construction of enclosures for cattle in the past two years and the fact that the deadly disease with the use of urine in India is expanding.


Indian women make too many efforts to collect it. The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism, That is also the location of filth. That is why today India’s most sought after commodity has become the cow filth.

The report said that the garbage has a number of dangerous bacteria and viruses.Sydney University professor says the three deadly diseases in India. India is moving fast in the sales of Cow Urine.

The first pestilential (leptospirosis) is a mammal or dog diseases that may be transmitted to humans, damaged liver and meningitis. The disease that causes arthritis, is the third outbreak (Q fever) which can cause pneumonia and chronic inflammation of the heart. About thirty medicines from cow domestic garbage are being prepared.

The biggest buyer of cow urine in India is yoga guru cow urine India Baba Ramdev  and he is forming an organization to make products from urine.Produced Ramdev spends a day and a half million ad campaign to sell products.


A therapy in India claims that buys health clinic monthly to 25 thousand liters of urine The treatment of 1.2 million patients in the past two decades has the same garbage that sells daily four online patients to its products.

Cow protection measures being taken to see a large number of India’s support for the 2014. Minister Narendra Modi Modi government has introduced several programs to preserve the dairy cattle and their waste.

The $ 87 million for the Modi government to take care of the cow reach the end and ban their sale and slaughter.

Orthodox Hindus have executed, tortured and raped many Muslims in India just because they refused to worship a cow. Lok Sabha BJP  Swami does not agree with the current government’s efforts for cow protection , says India to the sight of the buffalo cover is the biggest exporter of beef in the world the slaughter and sale of buffalo meat .