Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10:51 PM
Amla, the Indian gooseberry is one of the top fruits in the world. It is extremely popular in Ayurvedic medicine. Amla can be found during the winter in India.

This fruit is commonly consumed with honey, making it the most nutritious combination.

Health Benefits:

Prevents skin aging

Amla and honey are very beneficial for your skin and have the ability to prevent premature aging. Also, the will give a natural shine to your skin and will promote skin regeneration.

Take one teaspoon of amla in honey on regular basis to rejuvenate your body. Some people choose to dry the gooseberry, powder it and store. You can consume one teaspoon of this powder with a little honey every morning.


For health issues

Amla in honey can protect your body from certain diseases. It can improve your liver function and treat jaundice. Honey and amla juice can help you with bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Amla and honey are abundant in antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals in the body, thus preventing cancer.

In preventing infections

This combination with a little bit of ginger juice can help you get an instant relief from cough and throat irritation. Soak the wedges in honey and chew them as lozenges to relieve cough and throat pain. Honey and amla have powerful anti-bacterial properties which makes than an excellent natural remedy for numerous infections. This combination will also help you with leucorrhea.

For digestive problems

When consumed before meals, it can improve digestion and increase the appetite. Also, it can relieve constipation and pain that occurs during taking medications.

For detoxification

Alma is an excellent source of vitamin C which in combination with honey can effectively cleanse your body from toxins and harmful substances.

Amla juice prepared with water and honey can help you lose weight and fight obesity when consumed in the early morning.

In reproductive problems

Regular consumption of amla and honey can treat many male and female reproductive problems. Also, it can relieve menstrual cramps and treat period irregularities.

For hair issues

Amla is commonly used in many hair products. Simply apply the mixture of amla and honey on your hair to strengthen your weak hair and make it soft and silky.

For kids

You can prepare delicious gooseberry pure and store it with honey for your children. It has jam-like consistency and rich flavor which makes it attractive for your kids. This combination is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can improve their eyesight.

Furthermore, this mixture contains chromium, iron, phosphorus, polyphenols and flavonoids. This is one of the most popular natural remedies in India and in many other parts of the world.