Saturday, February 20, 2016

10:04 AM
Pain is a way of body sending signals that something is wrong which we often refuse to understand them and persuade themselves that everything is still in order.

The pain in one part of the body often means that something is wrong with different part of the body and we have no idea about it. Sometimes pain can be quite meaningless but that does not mean that you should ignore it. Every pain that lasts more than a week must be checked. Ignoring this pain can cost lives, especially when it comes to these parts of the body:


         1.      Heart – those who have health problems with heart often experience pain in the chest while to others there is pain present in the right hand on the upper back. Pain can be felt also in the left side of the body because the heart problems are often connected with parts of the body who send impulses as the spinal cord.

         2.     Lungs and diaphragm – Lung problems can manifest pain in the neck and upper shoulders.

        3.     Stomach and pancreas – Abdominal pain and back pain particularly in the area where the stomach and pancreas is present is always a clear signal that something is wrong with any of these two organs. Around 50% of people who have chronic pancreatitis have a severe pain in the back.

        4.     Black liver and gall bag – If something is wrong with the liver or the gall bag the first sing is pain in the neck and upper shoulders, especially if pain occurs frequently on the right side where they are present. Also pain may be present in the shoulders and the back of the diaphragm.

        5.     Small intestine – If there is problem present with the small intestine then you will feel pain in the area around the navel. If you feel pain around this part of the body it is important to visit doctor and describe everything connected with the area where the pain is felt.

       6.     Large intestine and cecum – the problem with the cecum effects on the right part of the stomach. The pain in the central lower abdomen may signal problems with the colon or the rectum. This is potentially serious problem, visit immediately a doctor.

       7.     Kidneys – Problems with kidneys are difficult to diagnose because the pain occurs throughout the lower back, lower abdomen, pelvis and thighs.

       8.     Bladder – Pain from the bladder problems are manifested in the lower pelvis.

       9.     Ovary – the inflammation of the ovaries causes pain in the front of the abdomen of the both sides. If it comes to cysts severe pain occurs as a stab in the section where they are.