Tuesday, July 14, 2020

11:54 PM
What colour are these Louis Vuitton shoes? The question was asked, on Twitter, by Jack Sullivan, who shared the photo of the sneakers commenting:

“This is real chaos for my head. Do you see white or black sneakers here? I only see black sneakers with black laces. " 

Then he added a survey, to which over 600 people replied: at the moment 44.2% consider them white, 53.4% black. But there are even those who see them in other colours! 
The tweet went viral after being shared by other users, including " Gino ", and sparked a fierce online debate by dividing people into two fronts: those who see them white and those who see the black. 

There are those who wrote, " I don't know how you can see anything other than black ", and who on the contrary commented, " white is the only right answer ". Someone has even changed his mind by looking at them, going from " convinced " black to white. 
According to some, the shoes were photographed in the dark using the flash and this is why they look black despite being white. A commentator advised changing brightness on the pc screen to see the white. The mystery is still unsolved! 
And what do you see? 
Photo Credit: Twitter