Friday, July 10, 2020

12:40 AM
It's not a joke: the US bidet manufacturer Tushy looks for staff available to test the products, essentially fulfilling their needs (and reporting on them). And not just any staff, but the vice president. For this, the wages are 10,000 dollars (almost 9,000 EUR ). No time wasters! 
An incredible job offer has appeared on the Tushy company website, which reports, like any self-respecting job search announcer, a series of features that the ideal candidate (who will occupy the post of vice president) must demonstrate to possess, as well as a job specification. 
If, on the one hand, some requests are among those generally desired for a managerial position, others appear directly related to the context and no particular qualification appears essential (apart from, let's imagine, the minimum required by US law). 
In particular, the candidate must send their CV proving they have: 
  • Age between 21-121 years with experience "in the sector" 
  • Excellent communication skills related to the world of feces 
  • Precision spraying ability 
  • Management skills 
  • Knowledge of Bristol Stool Scale (medical table used to classify the feces and therefore detect abnormalities, Ed) 
  • Ability to set priorities 
  • Trust in 'Open Door Policy' when discussing what's going on in the bathroom 
  • Possibility to install Tushy bidet on a standard toilet 
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The chosen one must guarantee: 
  • Minimum commitment of 90 days in total to check and test the bidets 
  • Faithful analysis and documentation of your daily habits related to your needs 
  • Interviews on habits relating to one's need to close relatives and friends 
  • Test on other Tushy bathroom products 
  • Video content for social media 
  • Tests and clarifications on the most famous clichés and false myths related to the health of the intestine and the backside 
  • "Considerable" production 

In the United States, the use of the bidet is still relatively uncommon, even if it seems that the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus has boosted its sales. So the company Tushy, manufacturer of different models, often toilets equipped with a washing function, details the advantages of having a bidet, ranging from personal hygiene to the consumption of resources, specifying how the USA, which represents only 4% of the population World, consumption 20% of toilet paper request from inside Planet ( as environmentally unacceptable ). 
And it is perhaps because of this "poor habit of use", the company needs a dedicated department, which it has called ' Fecal matters ', and is looking for staff available to perform tests, starting with the vice-president. 
The work begins on July 22nd and the contract lasts three months for total pay of $ 10,000 (almost 9,000 euros) and - perhaps needless to say - is to be carried out remotely, at the company's own toilet/bidet. 
Type of contract? Not a common part-time, but a fart-time, with a peto rhythm (everything must be coherent, moreover). 
Those interested must hurry, because the position is open until Friday 10 July. 

Via: Greenme