Tuesday, July 14, 2020

8:33 AM
Look carefully at these feathers for a couple of seconds, observe their shape and details. Which one attracts your attention the most? Each defines a side of your character that you may not have known and reveals something more than your personality. 
A simple test, to be paused without obligation. As we often say, they are games that maybe distract us a bit after a tiring day. They don't have the truth in their pockets, but they often tickle our minds, if only to see if they really got it right. So try your hand at feathers! 
Which one do you like best? After the picture, you will find the solutions. 

  1. 01.First feather 

If you have chosen this feather, you are people who love peace and harmony. You like peaceful, calm people who know how to deal with difficulties with control. You are noble souls because you love helping others, in fact, you hardly say no, if someone asks you for a hand. It is not difficult for you to interact with others, but you prefer to do it with people who share your tastes and have similar interests. Some might think that you are a weak person, but you are only kind. You have many friends thanks to your stability. 
  1. 02.Second Feather 

You have great adaptability and quick learning. You are perfectionists and always try to do your best, but you expect the same from others. You are very intelligent and tenacious. Even if you like moments with friends very much, sometimes you tend to isolate yourself to stay with yourself and your thoughts. Try to open up a little more with others, they will be grateful to you. 
  1. 03.Third Feather 

If you have chosen this feather, you are independent and always pursue your goals and dreams. Love the risk, you are adventurous and if you fall, you get up quickly. Do not fear failures because they are part of life and face them with the right spirit: they are experiences that make you stronger. The only thing you should pay attention to is friends. You know how to like and be kind, but your choices don't always pay off. 
  1. 04.Fourth Feather 

Your character is strong. You have a lot of imagination and the opportunity to face problems, you are always looking for the best solution. But for this reason, you cannot please everyone: you are dominant and authoritative, however many armies are released when you appreciate them. 

Thanks to your personality, don't go unnoticed. Don't be fooled and you always have the answer ready. You expect a lot from yourself, but you should enjoy the moments and not always think about the next step. Relax and enjoy life. 
  1. 05.Fifth Feather 

The last feather is an index of creativity and imagination. You are an artist, but nevertheless, you often lack a little concreteness. Sometimes, you don't have confidence in your abilities and this doesn't allow you to grow. Do not be afraid of failing, realize that it is only fear and you must get rid of it. You have a special sensitivity for details, take advantage of it. You are perfectionists and always try to do better, but you expect the same from others. 

Source: Cupidoh