Wednesday, February 1, 2017

9:29 AM
Today, shocking news are in store for you! A teenager died after he got a love bite from his girlfriend, causing a blood clot that ultimately led to a stroke. This boy’s name was Julio Macias Gonzalez, on the age of only 17, from Mexico City. 

It all started at the dinner table, when Julio showed signs of clutching and trembling. It appears that his girlfriend had bit him earlier, but he was showing signs for it just then. When earlier that day, his girlfriend gave him a hickey, a blood clot was formed and it travelled all the way to the brain. 

Even though doctors were called to the scene it was too late for Julio. He could not be saved and shortly after they arrived, he passed. The doctors believe that the suction from the hickey was the main reason for the creation of the blood clot, triggering a stroke. Unfortunately to this, the parents of the boy are blaming the 24 year old girlfriend for the death of their son, to which she did not know how to react, ran away and completely disappeared. 

But you should be aware that contrary to all beliefs, this has happened before. So, it is extremely rare, but completely possible. On one occasion, a few years back, a 44 year old woman from New Zealand had a stroke and lost the movement in her left arm. When the doctors examined her and noticed a faded love bite, they explained to her that the damage to the major artery in her neck, caused by the hickey was the cause of her being paralyzed. 

Here is what happened in this case – the suction caused a blood clot to be formed, which later on travelled to the heart, causing a stroke. We all know what a love bite is, but few of us are familiar with the arteries in the neck. If a person causes a hickey directly on an artery, the vlood vessels start to burst, causing bruises on the area that can last up to two weeks. 

Apart from creating bruises and cause strokes, the love bites can also swell to a great size, leaving room for nothing else but panic. In that case, they have to be treated with an ice pack. People oftenly try to hide them with sweaters and scarfs, but what they should be doing is try to heal them as fast as possible!