Saturday, October 10, 2015

11:48 PM
The internet and its social networks can both be a curse and a blessing. This mother had to learn that painfully. Everyone should know her story and draw the right conclusions. It is about the welfare of our children.

Imagine that you're on Facebook and get a friend request from a stranger. As I said, you don't know he or she at all. But the profile picture is actually quite nice and it speaks to you somehow. So then you accept the request. Just like that. What could go wrong ...?!?

Everything quickly forgotten, because you have something much more important to do: your daughter (or son) is starting school for the first time. You're so proud of your offspring, how she has made herself ready for her big day and you post the best photos on Facebook. Underneath you write something like: "What a day! Unbelievable who big my sweetheart has become." Then you even link the picture with the name of the school and upload it on Facebook. A couple clicks - done. But the consequences are terrifying.

Because what then happens in secret is unimaginable: the stranger whom you have add to your friend list a few days ago, has now long saved the picture, uploaded it to an online catalogue and sent it to hundreds of men around the world! Her writes underneath it:

"Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 5,000 dollars!"

You have no idea this is happening, for it's all going on behind your back. But the horror first begins when you want to pick up your daughter from school a few weeks later - but no one is there! You look everywhere, ask everyone who you pass while stricken with tears: Have you seen my kid?

What is now happening with the little one, is something you probably don't want to know. And all of this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't committed this serious mistake. And even if you're lucky and your child is spared, the disgusting feeling of knowing that your sweetheart's picture will end up in a catalog for child molesters. So: STOP FRIENDING STRANGERS ON FACEBOOK! It's better to have one less "friend" than to live through this horror story.

We must never forget this message: be vigilant and nurture a healthy dose of skepticism while dealing with strangers on the internet. Reject friend requests from strangers! And most importantly: no pictures of children! Because they often land in the wrong hands. Pedophiles often look for such openness. In real life, you wouldn't show everyone your private life, right? Here you can watch how to protect your profile from privacy abuse.

Please share this important warning with all your friends! It can prevent a tragedy.