Thursday, October 1, 2015

11:06 PM
For the past few months, Micheal has been taking his dad and YouTube personality, "Angry Grandpa," with him to look at potential houses for Micheal and his partner. Micheal's dad thought he was just there to help them pick out a house -- he didn't realize that the house Micheal was buying is actually for him!
Micheal tells his dad, "I'd like you to have something like this, Pop." To which his dad responds, "Someday I will." However, what Micheal's dad doesn't realize, is that "someday" is actually today. The house that "Angry Grandpa" thinks is for Micheal and Bridgette, is actually the house that Micheal and Bridgette have purchased for Micheal's dad. When Micheal hands him the key, his reaction is truly heart warming -- I teared up a bit! This is something every child dreams of doing for their parents -- hopefully some day I'll be able to do the same for mine!

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