Thursday, October 8, 2015

7:29 AM
On the website of the American-Institute-for-Cancer, we found an interesting statement: “Researches have proven that most of the cancers could be prevented.

Today, the scientists claim that 60 – 70 % of the cancers are preventable through some small changes in diets and lifestyle, and currently existing information.” The encouraging thing in this statement is that if you make changes in you daily diet and improve your personal health avoid toxins and you’ll decrease the chances of getting cancer.

Cancer causing foods that you need to avoid:


This is an ingredient that is found in the hard plastics. Laboratory researches in animals and cells have linked the BPA to infertility, obesity, cancer and diabetes. If a canned product is labelled as BPA free, it is likely to consist bisphenolA-(BPA). The BPA is also presented in many dental and plastic products.

Smoked and Cured Foods

Nitrites and nitrates are preservatives that are used to prevent spoiling of the food and also add a color to the meat. N-nitroso composites are related with increased risks of getting cancer.


In accordance to Food-and-Water-Watch, the farmed fish consist higher level of chemical-pollutants than the wild fishes, including the PCB’s, better known as carcinogen.


GMOs (Genetically-Modified-Organisms) have penetrated the food supplies at very high alarming rate. You should avoid GMO foods as possible. Look for a GMO-free label on the foods you buy.

Grilled Meat

The polycyclic-aromatic-hydrocarbons (PAHs), are created through particular types of combustion, as the burnings of a wood or coal.

Hydrogenated Oils

The hydrogenated oils have chemical construction, altered for preventing the products from becoming rancid, and to prolong their shelf-life. The scientist note that Trans fats promote over-activity of the immune system and inflammation and plus, they are related to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, amongst other chronic illnesses.

Microwave Popcorn

The microwave popcorn bag is lined with different acids to prevent the soaking of the oil throughout the packaging. The PFOA is linked with tumors in some animal organs (pancreas, testicles, and liver), and increases the chance of getting prostate-cancer in PFOA-plant employees.

Non-Organic Vegetables & Fruits

The grown-crops are full-grown with GMO seeds, herbicides, and pesticides.

Processed food

The cured meat tends to be rich in nitrates and nitrites, preservatives that may, in larger amounts, increases the risk of stomach & other types of cancer.

Refined Sugar

Numerous studies showed connection between the sugar and various issues, as non-healthy level of blood-fats, increased heart disease risks, lower HDL levels, high blood-triglyceride levels, arthritis, obesity, immune suppression, and many other illnesses. Note that the cancer cells are thriving on sugar.

Sports Drinks/ Soda/

There aren’t any nutritional values in sports drinks and drinking soda. They rob the body of the much needed minerals and vitamins.


The soy passes through highly industrial manufacturing processes of acid washing in an aluminum tanks. The aluminum is highly toxic to the kidneys and the nervous system.


The cancer cells are thriving on a sugar and some other food which converts to sugar, as grains, most of the fruits, pastas, breads and carbs. So,those who have cancer, should eliminate the usage of sugar immediately.

White Flour

The commercially-grown grain process starts with seeds which are treated with a fungicide. Plants are sprayed with many pesticides, and they are stored and harvested in bins that are coated with toxins like insecticides. All of these things are increasing the toxic load in your body.