Monday, June 8, 2020

2:57 AM
Twelve tigers and five lions rescued from the circuses of Guatemala have arrived in South Africa, at the sanctuary for wild animals of the ADI association and have finally been released. 
The ADI (Animal Defenders International) team filmed the moment when two of the tigers, the two brothers Max and Stripes, took their first steps on the grass sniffing curiously all around, perhaps the first time the animals can walking freely on a lawn. 
The animals have in fact lived their entire lives in captivity, closed in small cages and forced to perform in circus shows. 
Tigers and lions were not even guaranteed adequate nutrition: they were fed only on chicken feet and this did not allow them to grow and develop properly. 
ADI carried out a year and a half battle to convince the Guatemalan government to commit itself to enforce the ban on the exploitation of wild animals in circuses, in force since 2018. 
Unfortunately, the animals will not be able to return to the wild, since their claws and canines have been removed, therefore they would not be able to hunt and feed. 
In the sanctuary, however, they will finally be able to live in a better condition closer to their nature. 
Anyone wishing to help the association that will take care of tigers and lions, can make a donation or adopt one of the magnificent cats at a distance.