Wednesday, June 10, 2020

12:30 AM
Killed with a stick and then taken as a trophy to the public square. This time, the victim is a brutally shot leopard before he is dragged through the screaming crowd. It happens in India in Guwahati, in the state of Assam where yet another abuse of animals is perpetrated.

Before, it was the elephant killed by a pineapple full of explosives, now the victim is a leopard and the images leave you speechless. The majestic animal was hit with sticks by a group of men, then the carcass was dragged through the crowd, nails and teeth were torn and then hung on a pole. 
A video has been published on social media that leaves little room for the imagination. The leopard is carried in procession amidst the dismayed screams of the people, while men and even children rejoice to raise high like a trophy. According to, some residents had reported the presence of a leopard who had approached the village, without causing any damage to things or people. However, the authorities did not intervene to capture and then free the animal away from the houses, so this group of men decided to give vent to a real meaningless execution. 

According to Rajib Baruah, director of the forest division of Kamrup's eastern district, the leopard was eight years old and was caught with a rope. 
“Since the animal's teeth have been removed, the perpetrators will also be accused of poaching. The leopard had not disturbed anyone or destroyed anything. There has been no attack or provocation. " 

In short, yet another death that could have been avoided by catching the animal and leaving it. Now five adults and two minors have ended up in prison for illegal killing and poaching. The culprits will pay, but unfortunately, this will not serve to bring this splendid animal back to life, the only fault of which was to approach the village driven by hunger and loss of habitat. 

Source: NDTV