Sunday, December 15, 2019

5:45 AM
The world that we live in is not safe and nice anymore. Because of human kind’s selfish desires and unlimited wants, we all have collectively destroyed our mother nature and though most never give it a thought, environmental pollution has become the number one killer in the world at the moment. 

Because of the oil, we spill in waterways, papers we dump on the floor and polythene that we throw everywhere, a lot of innocent animals are risking their lives I’m sure that there will soon come a day that we will have to pay for the oxygen that we breathe. 

The way how people dump all their dirt everywhere and sit comfortably inside their air-conditioned homes is really disgusting because none of us ever think about anything other than our own comfort and satisfaction. We don’t feel the consequence of environmental pollution because it’s not us that suffer from not having clean water to drink. It is not our home that was cut down and it is not us who have to feed our kids with dirt! 

It was revealed that 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals are killed by pollution and if we ignore this issue anymore, surely we all have to suffer like nothing in the near future. All the rain forests and glaciers will disappear and so will all the animals in the world. Inhuman mankind will only feel the consequences at that point, but then we will be too late even to save our own lives. 

These pictures below will show the reality of the world around us! Have a look and decide for yourself what you need to do and what you can do to prevent this disaster. 

A cotton bud inside a jellyfish 

A Sea Lion eating a plastic bottle 

Fish trapped inside a plastic glove 

Sea Lions trapped in plastics

Bird trapped to death because of a razor 

Trapped Sea Turtle 

The crab lives in an old bottle 

Birds neck and beak trapped in plastic 

Trapped in plastic, this turtle’s waist couldn’t grow 

Seal trapped in a plastic bag 

Bird trapped to death 

Sea turtle eating plastic 

Shark in a polluted sea 

Trapped Duck 

Seal trapped in a fishing net 

Sea turtle trapped in a fishing net 

This is the high time for you to take the right decision!