Friday, December 20, 2019

10:58 PM
Some animals act out the main roles in our lives the same as our family members. Among them dogs and cats are predominated. Even though they are not like human beings, 
they have an amazing ability to touch our heart and become our amigos. 

In fact, many people consider their beloved pet as a member of the family and nothing 
less. But its’ sad to say they can’t live as long as us. So, many people who keep 
animals as their amigos have had to feel this sad experience. When it comes to kids, it’s 
hard to bear as it may their first loss. 

Just watch this video only if you have a massive supply of tissues nearby as this surely 
give you drops of tear that can fill a river. 
This clip gives us heartwarming and heartbreaking moment at the same time. Just look 
at the faces of both this little girl and the cat when she sings the song 'You Are My 
Sunshine' to her amigo that is passing away. 
Abby is only 4 years old little girl and her pet Bailey has been with the family for over 14 
years and developed a close bond with the little girl Abby ever since her birth . So 
Abby’s all happy memories included this beloved pet Bailey. 

They spend their last few minutes together reading and singing. They are determined to 
make every minute count and be closer till it’s last breath. What did you feel seeing this 
innocent cat? It’s seems like Bailey understand each word that it’s best friend sings. 
Unfortunately, this would be the last time Abby sang to her beloved furriest member 
bailey before it passed over. However this innocent cat Bailey had a kidney failure and 
said good bye to everyone with a few hours after feeling heartwarming moment.

This video instantly touched the thousands of peoples’ hearts all over the world, just 
after few seconds the video was posted. Many of them hadn’t forgotten to share the little 
girl Abby’s sadness commenting on this post. Moreover dozens of people wrote and 
sent some gifts as an effort to cheer up the children. 
Her mother also responded thanking the all people who commented and sent cards to 
help them during this sad time. She has said it was nice to see much love and sense of 
community when so much negativity seen most of the time. 
If this story touched your heart, send it to others who need to see it.