Friday, December 13, 2019

9:12 AM
The world we are living in is a wondrous world loaded up with wonders surrounding us, however some of the time we overlook. Becoming involved with our day by day lives the vast majority scarcely stop to enjoy the scenery, substantially less open the roses to peer inside. Indeed, for reasons unknown, there are excellent privileged insights covered up underneath and inside things you could never at any point think to investigate.

The fur of the lion is beautiful outwardly however have you at any point seen the mind-boggling design that sits underneath? or on the other hand what about the quarry where they dig the marble for your ledges? The accompanying rundown is another accumulation of photographs of uncommon photographs that demonstrate the concealed side of things that are surrounding us. In the event that something grabs your attention remember to mention the photo which you are most interested about in the comments!
1) A cleaned heart can be seen like this.

Doris Taylor

2) Did you know that the giant heads of Easter Island do have bodies?

3) A baby flamingo can be seen like this.


4) Have you had the opportunity to see an intact human nervous system?


5) This is how grains of salt looks like when seen under a Electron Microscope.


6) Large Ice Crystals in Switzerland is definitely something you should see.


7) Here’s aurora of different planets.


8) Have you imagined how a tiger’s skin looks like when it’s shaved?

9) The glass frog’s every organ can be seen.

Jaime Culebras

10) This is an agate shell. In the voids of the shell minerals have grown and eventually the shell too is replaced.


11) This is a globe for people who can’t see.


12) An albino raccoon looks like this.


13) This is a rare photo of the moon passing in front of the earth, also it is captured from one million miles away.


14) Did you know that some 5-pointed starfish can be squared due to birth defects?

Phil Mercurio

15) In one photo what thousands of years look like can be seen (Dun Briste Sea Stack, Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo, Ireland)

Mike Searle

16) This is the snow covered net roof of the aviary which is in the zoo.


17) Here’s the microbes left behind from the handprint of an 8 – year old boy after playing outside.

Tasha Sturm

18) Have you seen a giant amethyst geode?


19) What’s under a reporter’s back: “Our job is so glamorous”.


20) An actual image of a virus which is processed via electron microscope.


21) Here’s what an empty beoing 787 looks like.


22) Here’s what an Elephant’s tail can be seen up close.


23) Did you know what a salt mine looks like from inside?


24) A space suit can be seen like this from inside.

25) From the space an eclipse looks like this.

Mir 27 Crew

26) Here’s ’Baby driver’ behind the scenes: The real driver is on top of the car, while the actors are performing.


27) Leaving only the spines behind, this dead cactus decomposed this way.


28) This is a sperm whale (the predators with the largest teeth on earth) Have sockets that their lower teeth fit into but do not have teeth in their upper jaw.


29) The surface of strawberries.


30) This foot print which was seen in Utah is a fossilized Dinosaur’s one.