Thursday, December 26, 2019

11:06 PM

No matter how hard you’ll search, you won’t find a better duo than a little baby and a dog. And on the other hand, it’s really hard to find an explanation for this special connection between our four-legged companions and our babies. Not sure if it’s because of the dogs’ overprotective instincts, when it comes to little ones, or because the kids allow them to do whatever they want. Anyway, one thing it’s certain – whenever we witness a special bond like these, it’s nothing but heart-melting. And the little girl with her protector Husky, from the footage bellow are no less. 

Usually, little babies are big fans of vacuum cleaners as the sound they make is calming them down. But in this particular situation it’s exactly the opposite. The cute girl is heading to her dad when suddenly the vacuum turns on. The next moment, the 11-month-old get really scared by the loud noise and she’s turning around. But now is when something heartwarming happens. 

We may expect the little girl to ask for her mom, but instead, she runs to her doggy, who sits there in the corner, and hugs him. With her little furry brother on her side, the girl feels safer than ever. Of course, her elder brother keeps his calm and shows on his overprotective side. It’s incredible to see how this girl trusts her furry friend to keep her safe. There has to be a very special bond between them two. The adorable footage shows, once again, just how reliable dogs can be, regardless of the situation. Take a look: